The Whale's Tail Kylie

Many historic kylies from N.W. New South Wales and S. Queensland featured long winding stories carved in the form of pathways into their upper surfaces. These ancient kylies are highly prized among collectors for their unique beauty and inscrutible messages. Our version contains not just a "whale of a tale" in its carvings, but also the tail of a whale! Look very closely and you will see it....
  • Hand crafted from tough polycarbonate

  • Approx. 680mm/26.75" x 370g/13oz

  • Potential hunting range is approx. 65 meters for skilled throwers.

  • Total range is approx. 70-90 meters / 76-98 yards (individual results may vary)

  • Stable, forgiving platform

  • Mid sized tapered grip for fast, snappy release

  • Pinched tips offer comfortable grips with historic, semi-pointed ends

  • Beautiful incised upper surfaces in our own take on an ancient style

  • Symmetrical airfoil feels light in hand for the amount of weight being thrown

  • Available right or left handed


This Pinched Tip Kylie is a tribute to the legends of ages gone by. The Whale's Tail Kylie is not just a gorgeous piece of functional art - it's a serious hunting throwstick designed for straight flights out to at least 70 meters / 77 yards range.

The blue whale is the largest and longest known animal on our planet with a length of up to 30 meters.... Its long, wing-like tail drives it through the world's oceans on deep, long, and winding journeys which only it has seen. Like the few remaining uncontacted indigenous peoples left on our planet, it has been hunted to the verge of extinction. This kylie is an ancient hunting weapon designed by us to pay tribute to an ancient creature. A beautiful reminder that human survival has long depended upon animals and that human stewardship demands that we approach them with care and respect.

This kylie features a straight and level flight range the length of more than two blue whales with a total flight range potential of about 3 blue whales if you have the arm for it! We hope that it, its message and its flights will capture your heart the way it has ours. Carry your whale's tail in the field with pride and come home telling your own "whale of a tale!"

We make this as a piece of functional art. This is not our top pick for those who are going to subject a kylie to extreme environments with sharp rocks where the fine, smooth surfaces will be scratched up. Anywhere else, it's a great flyer.


All throwsticks are hand carved painted as pieces of art. thus minor variations, imperfections, and artistic expressions will occur.

Bright or high contrast colors help to prevent a throwstick being lost at extreme distances but show dirt and scratches much more quickly than more subdued colors.

Our painted throwsticks are made from high impact polycarbonate, an extremely tough but translucent material. Light color choices such as orange may show a faint glow through them if held up to a bright light source. Throwsticks take a lot of abuse and paint may slowly fade off around the edges from repeated abrasive contact with soil or rocks. Paint wear around the edges where the throwstick is gripped by the hand may also occur, so for a smoother, more precise release, we ship our throwsticks with the paint on the handle edges lightly sanded off.

The Whale's Tail Kylie

I recently purchased every item on the product range and couldn't be any happier. Ben and Carol were both a pleasure to deal and made everything very easy for the delivery of my order to Australia. The products themselves are exceptional in quality and craftsmanship and very professionally made. They all perform exactly as they were intended and I have had many enjoyable hours of throwing with many more to come!

- Malachi Conway @ RockyInstincts  (Queensland, Australia)


"...they shall mount up on wings like eagles. They shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not grow tired..."

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