The Whale's Tail

Many historic boomerangs from N.W. New South Wales and S. Queensland featured long winding stories carved in the form of pathways into their upper surfaces. These boomerangs are highly prized among collectors for their unique beauty and inscrutable messages. Our version contains not just a "whale of a tale" in its carvings, but also the tail of a whale! Look very closely and you will see it....

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The Whale's Tail
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  • Hand crafted from tough, black polycarbonate
  • Buffed finish feels and looks like fine hardwood
  • Approx. 680mm/26.75" x 370g/13oz
  • Potential hunting range is approx. 65 meters for skilled throwers.
  • Total range is approx. 70-90 meters / 76-98 yards (individual results may vary)
  • Stable, forgiving platform
  • Enhanced durability even beyond our other models due to centered mass distribution.
  • Mid sized tapered grip for fast, snappy release
  • Pinched tips offer comfortable grips with historic, semi-pointed ends
  • Beautiful incised upper surfaces in our own take on an ancient style
  • Symmetrical airfoil feels light in hand for the amount of weight being thrown
  • Available right handed. (Left handed has been discontinued due to difficulty of tuning. For left handed see our Karli Model.


This pinched tip design is a classic tribute to the legends of ages gone by. The Whale's Tail is not just a gorgeous piece of functional art - it's a serious hunting throwstick designed for straight flights out to at least 70 meters - 90 meters. The centered weight distribution allows for this larger stick to be handled with greater ease, making this model great for beginners. Historically this shape was chosen because it enhanced durability, which was important with hardwoods. This is still true in our modern design and so this is our top pick for a longer ranged stick that will be used in environments where it may encounter and strike a lot of trees. See the video review in our reviews section below for more on the durability of the Whale's Tail. If you're in the forest and want something that should do well, this is our top pick. The S. Queensland, NW NSW style boomerangs are among the most beautiful in history. They were high performing as well and featured numerous incised designs carved on their upper surfaces. They were commonly finished dark with charcoal grease and often featured pinched tips. This one is our own design and features a single ribbon carved in the shape of three whale's tails on the upper surface. This is a beautiful stick to throw and it looks fantastic on the wall as well. The buffed finish on dark faux hardwood feels and looks like a fine piece of genuine old world craftsmanship, making this perhaps our most beautiful model. Also available in buffed black finish.


I recently purchased every item on the product range and couldn't be any happier. Ben and Carol were both a pleasure to deal and made everything very easy for the delivery of my order to Australia. The products themselves are exceptional in quality and craftsmanship and very professionally made. They all perform exactly as they were intended and I have had many enjoyable hours of throwing with many more to come!

- Malachi Conway @ RockyInstincts (Queensland, Australia)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adam Celadin Whale's Tail Destruction and Durability Test

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