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"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought,
but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." 
-Albert Einstein, in an interview (April-May 1949)
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A Proven History

The throwstick, also known as the kylie or hunting boomerang, is one of the most proven survival multi-tools in human history. A hefty and solid flying wing, in skilled hands it is capable of taking a variety of game at flight ranges straight out to about 80 meters / 87 yards or more. From taking deer on leg shots, to large fowl when thrown into a flock, the kylie is a powerful and versatile hunting tool.

The straight flying throwsticks of the Aboriginals were carried in pairs in the harsh and arid deserts of Australia for thousands of years as mainstay, long ranged hunting weapons, and used across the continent to meet daily needs in a variety of environments. The throwstick's unique ability to fly a straight and level course to its target and deliver a tremendous blunt force impact out to extreme range eliminates the hunter's need to calculate an arched trajectory to the target (as would need to be done with all other ranged weapons).

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The "Ab-Original" Multi Tool

Aboriginal hunters needed to travel very light and could not afford the weight of numerous tools. Thus, the throwstick needed to be capable of doing more than just hunting. They used their throwsticks also to, dig, cut, club, fight, clear brush and earth, climb, tend fire, start fire, and even make music and signal. As a result, this versatile and legendary food providing tool became central to their way of life across Australia.

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The Modern Hunting

Survival Option

Our throwsticks are the modern day equivalents of their ancient counterparts. Inspired by the time tested designs of history, but using tough, modern materials for durability, we have designed a range of hunting boomerangs with the modern day survivalist in mind. With finely tuned flight characteristics which match the precision and range of the ancient relics, our full sized, modern kylies boast max flight distances out to about 70-135 meters / 77-147 yards, (individual results will vary). 

  • Instantly deployed with the stick carried comfortably on the shoulder in ready position

  • Able to take opportunities as they arise, including moving targets

  • Effective at long range against a wide variety of game, both on land or in flight

  • A basic shovel and machete substitute, able to dig, clear branches and brush

  • Never runs out of ammunition, no moving parts to fail, tough as nails

  • A powerful, blunt force, close range, hand to hand combat weapon

  • One of the most versatile, dependable, raw and primal hunting tools on earth

The throwstick deserves a place in every nomad's toolkit....

When the ammo is all gone, or when silence is critical; when all else is lost or left behind as memories; when survival is raw and it comes down to just instinct and hunger; that's when the throwstick comes out of the toolkit as being the weapon of choice.

With many models and options to choose from, the right throwstick for you is being hand crafted in our shop. We make functional, traditional styled kylies specialized for a variety of different individual needs, and painted in a range of colors which are optimized for different environments.

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Durability Test

A Versatile Choice

In wilderness survival food procurement, most experts seem to agree that small game is the most dependable source of calories available in most places. There are far less deer in the United States for instance, than people to hunt them. And yet on a leg shot, a large throwstick can even take a deer. But where the throwstick really owns the field is with small game. The Hopi Indians used throwsticks extensively in their desert environment to take large jackrabbits, other mammals and reptiles.

Flocks of ducks or geese stand no chance to throwsticks, and they can be taken on the ground or as they take off. The ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were the original duck dynasties. They hunted waterfowl with throwsticks; depicting these hunts in the paintings lining their tombs. A large and beautiful collection of throwsticks were discovered in the tomb of "King Tut." In the murals lining the walls of the tomb of Menna c. 1370 B.C., you can see the throwsticks striking the birds in mid flight.

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The Business End of the Stick

Can throwsticks walk on water too? Well they fly in the air and sink in water, so don't throw one into the lake. They are a no-nonsense asset to carry in a tough situation, and depending on your environment may just be the single last item besides your knife that remains with you when you've lost, broken or dropped everything else.

Throwsticks fly straight and level flights, cutting a wide swath out to long ranges, but accuracy is a challenge to master. They are not equipped with picitinny rails and laser sights, but they don't need a supressor to be silent. This is a weapon of a thousand opportunities which would be completely lost otherwise. A trusty throwstick should always be kept ready, as it's the only ranged weapon that doesn't need more ammo at the end of the day. Keep this at hand and meals will find your stomach which you wouldn't take a chance at before. No ammo to waste here; just pick up your stick again whether you hit or miss your mark. 

We make throwsticks optimized for a variety of individuals, environments and types of game. See our products page for recommendations. Whether you're looking for something which can be tossed to 65 meters while wearing a full packout of gear, something which can be thrown on a straight flight to long ranges out to 100 meters or beyond, or something which can be thrown to skim just above the desert floor or up into the sky, we have the right throwstick for you.

Please note that does not advocate the hunting of large game animals with throwsticks, nor any hunting which is illegal, cruel, or inhumane. It is your responsibility to learn and follow all regulations and laws in your jurisdiction. For more information check with your local fish and wildlife regulatory agency.

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Survival is about what we do today, not just about what we can do someday. Thus, Throwsticks is a proud sponsor of Survival International, the global movement for tribal people's rights.  The only organization that champions tribal peoples around the world. Survival helps them defend their lives, protect their lands and determine their own futures. We hope you will not only purchase our rare and unique products, but also support our message and help to work for the survival, freedom and self determination of those who first orginated and developed our products - tribal peoples.

Survival International
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