Gravity-defying, hand thrown missiles

capable of level, hovering flights

well past 100 meters!

Karli Brown I.jpg
The Karli
Starting At $89.99
Approx. 105 yard range
The Sidewinder Scout 002.jpg
The Sidewinder Scout
Starting At $89.99
Approx. 85 yard range
Stinger Faux Hardwood.jpg
The Kimberley Stinger
Starting At $54.99
Approx. 75 yard range
CDH E.jpg
The Central Desert Hunter
Starting At $119.99
Approx. 135 yard range
Figure 7 Boomerang.jpg
The Wirlki
Starting At $134.99
Approx. 95 yard range
Hopi Black Accents On Red.jpg
The Rabbit Stick
Starting At $69.99
Approx. 85 yard range
WT Black.jpg
The Whale's Tail
Starting At $119.99
Approx. 90 yard range

Other Exciting Products Are In Development...


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