The Kimberley Stinger

Inspired by so called "fighting boomerangs" (kylies) of the Kimberley, Australia, the Stinger is our entry level product for short range hunting.
  • Hand crafted from tough, black polycarbonate

  • Approx. 580mm/22.875" x 315g/11.1oz

  • Potential hunting range out to approx. 30-50 meters for skilled throwers

  • Total travel distance of approx. 60-85 meters / 65-93 yards (individual results may vary)

  • Fully ambidextrous and can be thrown by either arm for different effects

  • Universal tapered "ice-pick" grip to accommodate almost all throwers. Strong grip strength recommended for best results.

  • Mid wing grip area is a useful dig/carry handle and aids in secure belt carry retention

  • Vertical knife style throwing possible at very short range

  • Ideal for short range small game hunting and target throwing

  • Ideal when space is limited, and as a multi-tool

  • Not a long range kylie. Tuned for short range only.


The Stinger is our entry level kylie. It is designed to be a last ditch survival tool for short range small game hunting, clearing brittle brush, navigating hilly landscape, and digging. One tool to do it all.... Lacking many of the aerodynamic refinements and ergonomics of our higher end models, but in exchange, featuring sharply pointed ends..., the Stinger is a formidable short ranged flying weapon for those who are limited on space or who are looking for a multi-tool backup weapon to add to their kit.

Shorter range sticks are less likely to hover out and be lost in the distance, and so possibly more ideal when targets are presenting very close up or when working in darker environments. Being short in length, it's also an excellent choice for tight spaces in the forest where a long stick can become entangled in brush.

The Stinger is fully ambidextrous and it offers a variety of throwing options and techniques to master. From vertical knife like throws at short range, to horizontal throws held by either arm. The trailing arm hold offers more float at lower speeds, and the leading arm hold tends to offer a "harder" stick which is best thrown with a tight grip, at higher speeds.

A smooth and accurate release from the tapered grip allows for fantastic accuracy for strong hands, but retention is more difficult than with other models for the same reason. Concentrating grip strength towards the smaller fingers which are wrapping around the tip of the stick allows for best results.

As our entry level model, the Stinger is not a long ranged kylie. It will not magically retain energy and level flights for extreme ranges like some of our other models. But if you are working with limited space, limited budget, or want a kylie as a backup to your other gear, then this is a great multi-tool to acquire.


The Stinger is made from high impact black polycarbonate, an extremely tough material. It's a dark, dull grey/black in color. We are offering this model unpainted to those who prefer this dull/raw look. If you wish to paint the stick yourself, check first that your paint is compatible for use on polycarbonate, as many are not. Please see picture 4 on the slider to see how the raw black polycarbonate looks when raw. Since this is the dullest option, it is more likely to be lost when thrown in dark places. Most of the sticks in our video of this model are unpainted, however we think they look much nicer with paint.

All throwsticks are hand painted and carved as pieces of art. Variations, imperfections and artistic expressions will sometimes occur. Consider your throwstick's paint job to be unique, as each one is done by hand.

On the Stinger we provide the option of high contrast white stripes which help to prevent it from being lost. These are sprayed on in a primitive, natural looking fashion, (like primitive rock wall pipe clay art) and are NOT uniform in width, texture and spacing. They show wear and scratches much more quickly than the more subdued colors, but this does not necessarily look bad, as it adds even more primitive character to the stick. The Stinger may also be ordered in hunter's orange or ochre red, (not pictured). These colors are less natural looking, and when scratched the black polycarbonate underneath will show through in high contrast to the orange or red paint. Still, these colors are bright and should prevent loss. Jet black paint really darkens up a raw black polycarbonate kylie and gives it a more finished and even look. Both jet black and particularly faux desert hardwood age very gracefully on the black polycarbonate base. Faux hardwood darkens with age around the edges and wear areas and looks more and more rustic in time.

The Kimberley Stinger

I received my first Stinger from you and love it! In fact, I love it so much I just ordered 2 more for my nephew's birthdays at the end of the month. I want to thank you for making a quality product. That is such a rarity these day. I can't say mine will ever be used for the original purpose of hunting. However both of my nephews are young bucks in The Boy scouts. One of them is working on his Eagle Scout. They will definitely put these Stingers through the paces! May you, your family, and your business know the blessing and prosperity of the Lord.

Thank you again for your blessings of a great and fun throwing stick! 

- Scott (Oklahoma, USA)


"...they shall mount up on wings like eagles. They shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not grow tired..."

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