The Hunting Boomerang



The Australian Aboriginal peoples are famous for their long range hovering missiles which they used for hunting and survival.  They were able to use their large throwsticks to hunt emu, kangaroo and other animals at straight flight ranges out to at least 60-80 meters / 65-87 yards and even well beyond.  They called their long range hovering missiles by numerous names in various regions, but in modern times the hunting throwstick is known internationally by the indigenous word "kylie."

Kylies fly straight and level paths to their targets and are accurate at long range. By contrast with these killing sticks, what we have come to know as the "boomerang" was used historically in only some areas of Australia, mainly for recreation, being thinner and lighter in weight than the hunting sticks which were used for daily survival. Yet some boomerangs were actually used for hunting, but not in the way that kylies were. Hunters found that boomerangs could be used as decoys to imitate birds of prey and thus keep game birds grounded, where they could more easily be hunted by other means.

Modern Hunting Throwsticks

Unlike all other projectile hunting tools and hand thrown objects, a properly made modern kylie actually flies on a straight and level flight path directly towards its target at ranges out to 100 meters and even much more. A boomerang can be purchased just about anywhere if you want to play catch without a partner, but a truly well made kylie is a rare weapon fit for a true survivalist. If this is the legendary hunting tool you have been looking for, then you've come to the right place! is the first and only web based business in the world exclusively dedicated to manufacturing and selling quality hunting kylies made from tough modern materials. Our throwsticks achieve the same extreme straight/level flight ranges of their ancient predecessors.

An Exceptional Quality Product

Hand crafted in the USA in our family run shop from tough, modern materials and expertly tuned for straight flight ranges out to 50-140 meters / 55-153 yards or more; our throwsticks are the modern materials equivalents of their ancient predecessors. Custom order your own rare, beautiful piece of ancient technology and take a step back into the past by rediscovering primitive empowerment through the throwstick.


"...they shall mount up on wings like eagles. They shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not grow tired..."

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