The Karli

From the survivalist small game hunter to the sport thrower, this one has a pleasant feeling weight, a snappy release, and is beautifully flat flying. Absolutely a lot of fun to throw. Whether you're interested in easy long range flights at the park or just a great boomerang at a great price. Because of its lighter weight and a soft tuning option available for more casual, softer throwers, this throwstick can be easy to use and fun to throw for the whole family.

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  • Hand crafted from tough black polycarbonate
  • Approx. 632mm/24.9" x 332g/11.7oz
  • Ideal for the sport thrower, the small game hunter, or anyone who just wants to have fun!
  • Potential flock hunting range out to approx. 80 meters for skilled throwers
  • Total range is approx. 85-105 meters / 93-114 yards (individual results may vary)
  • Mid sized grip for a snappy, fast release
  • Excellent straight flights
  • Our most versatile fluted stick for a range of throwers
  • Now Available Right Or Left Handed! (Specify in text box)
  • Soft tuning available for weaker throwers (Specify in text box). Hard tuning is the standard option on this model and preferable for most throwers.


We designed "The Karli" model as a fun, light weight distance achiever which can get a thrower into a fluted stick at an attractive price point. Opened elbow fluted sticks like this seem to ride a groove when they fly. Based in the designs of some of the shorter and lighter weight central desert throwsticks that were used historically for small game, we have developed something which is optimized for long range sport oriented throwers and feels pleasant to throw at high speeds. There is one proviso: It prefers a fast, snappy release and good spin to stabilize the ultra flat, long range flights. This makes it is a good instructor on proper technique and once mastered it is an easy and beautiful flyer. It will not forgive poor wrist alignment or a poorly executed spin, but it will definitely reward those who do it right. The karli model is less head wind tolerant than some of the other models due to the more shallow bend in the elbow, but it takes a lot of abuse and flies beautifully. Be careful you don't lose it in the distance....


"As someone who has extensive knowledge in primitive technologies, and cultural anthropology, I highly recommend Ben's throw sticks! I have made many in the past and usually get about 60 - 70 yards. When throwing the Karli model, I was absolutely blown away by its performance. This stick is scary good and reaches distances over 100 yards! Incredible! We here at Primitive Lifeways highly endorse and recommend Ben's throwing sticks."

- Jeff Martin
Primitive Lifeways

Soft Tuning Information

Historically, hunting boomerangs could be used by very old men as well as young. The Soft Tuned Karli Model is more accessible to smaller, weaker, semi-disabled or older individuals who don't have the gusto in their arms that they used to. The soft tune option shortens the overall range of the throwstick, while at the same time reducing the initial velocity needed to achieve a straight flight path. We soft tune these throwsticks, usually at 65 meters, making them the easiest and most accessible throwsticks in our lineup, ideal for smaller, younger, older, disabled, or more casual throwers who are working in smaller areas. Maximum range is much less than on the hard tuned throwsticks, and when thrown too hard, a soft tuned throwstick will climb above target rather than flying straight into it. See the video below. Only a good toss is needed for straight flights when soft tuned. Ideal for smaller areas or casual target practice competitions. Soft tuned karli model throwsticks are not stocked. They are made to order and we prefer to correspond with the customer before production so we can be sure to meet your unique needs as best as we can. We have made soft tuned sticks for people with shoulder injuries and for school programs. Are you in a wheel chair but still have your arms? Our bet is we can get you out there throwing! Just inquire with us and we'll see what we can do.


"...they shall mount up on wings like eagles. They shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not grow tired..."

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