Kylie Golf

The Maverick And The Mini 7

In the 1990's a new sport arose in Ohio, invented by "The Boomerang Man," Gary Broadbent.  It has spread around the world since this time.  "Kylie Golf" is played at disc golf courses, where many find kylies to be a fun and minimalist alternative to discs.  They take less effort to throw energetically than discs, & they offer a lot of versatility.  We have designed the Maverick and Mini-7 as our set for this exciting sport & find that this combination is a fun way to approach the course for the whole family.

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Maverick & Mini - 7
Kylie Golf Sticks
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  • Designed specifically for Kylie Golf
  • Inspired by proven designs over the last 3 decades.
  • The Maverick and Mini-7 are matched to each other for both weight and balance
  • 94 grams, 3.4 ounces each
  • Maverick is 340mm length and Mini-7 is 250mm length
  • Thrown in many ways, at multiple angles and flight paths, for versatile deployment
  • Flared, ergonomic grip for easy retention and release.
  • Durable white polycarbonate construction
  • Optional dot art available in multiple colors available, for easy identification.
  • Tuned for easy throwing by throwers of all ages (adult supervision required)
  • Approx. 80-100 yards 73-91 meters flight ranges are average.
  • Fun and easy for the whole family to throw.
  • Effortless to carry in the field. No expensive or burdensome equipment needed.


The Maverick is a very stable J bent stick inspired by what world champion USA boomerang thrower and inventor of Kylie Golf, Gary Broadbent used to call "The Rock Maple." This was a kylie originally designed by the legendary kylie maker, Robert Foresi, and which is a favorite of Gary's for Kylie Golf. The Maverick has been redesigned with a more heavy head, which keeps the center of mass out from the lifting arm at a distance which feels more natural in throwing a stick of a smaller size, it is designed to be thrown at about 2 o'clock and very moderate power for a long S Throw, but it can be thrown at 3 o'clock for a deep curve that drops to the outside, or hard at 1 O'Clock hard, for a wide left hook. The Mini-7 is based on what came to be known as "The Mini Beak Nose," which was originally designed by world champion USA boomerang thrower Kenny Barr and has been known for achieving great distance flights, in wide open spaces, when tuned specifically for it. This one has a bigger head for safety on the course and is tuned softer for easy, more practical use in the field. It is designed to be thrown just above 3 o'clock, by either arm for a shallow, slightly S shaped flight. It can be angled to the right or the left depending on release angle and it will climb or not depending on throw velocity. It makes a great driver in open places, but its shape catches in trees as easily as in chains, so the Maverick is better in these areas. When thrown by the shorter arm the Mini-7 can act as a putter, or when posted up in reverse it will perform a "drop shot." The longer arm is used for distance throws. In any case the Mini-7 is floaty and tends to glide beyond where you'd expect. Kylie golf sticks are generally meant to be thrown with effortless smoothness, not full force. They are light in weight and easily achieve practical distances at most disc golf courses. With experienced throwers, they will wind their way aggressively around obstacles and drop in for the kill shot like an A-10 Warthog.

About Kylie Golf

Kylie Golf is a minimalist alternative to disc golf, played on the same courses. It follows the same rules as disc golf, which are widely available to study, but with one major change. All audible strikes count. This has traditionally included any part of the steel goal, chains, post, basket, etc..., each making an audible resounding report when struck. However, if you prefer, for the ultimate challenge play "Chains Only." In any case, realize that no stick will stay in a disc golf basket, as they fall through the large gaps. Think of Kylie Golf as a target hunting sport, not a basket sport. Kylie golf was invented in the mid 1990's by disc golfer and world champion boomerang thrower, Gary Broadbent. It has continued as a fringe sport since that time, spreading widely around the world, with many of those who try it converting over from discs, as kylies are uniquely fun and easy to launch, and entertaining to watch fly. They are energetic, capable of unique flight paths, under, over and around obstacles, and exciting! Flight path is varied much more by power and angle of launch than with discs. They are also accessible to younger and weaker throwers who may struggle with powering discs adequately. Despite the growing popularity of this sport over the last three decades in the boomerang world and beyond, until the launch of The Maverick and the Mini-7, virtually no commercially available Kylie Golf sticks have been available. Only a few private boomerang makers have supplied sticks, by request only, with some players making their own. is the first to make these products widely available, just as with our premium hunting sticks. One word of caution: The Maverick and Mini-7 have been designed and enhanced off of previous Kylie Golf stick patterns to specifically be lighter in weight than discs, high efficiency, low energy, rounded edges, and high visibility. These features promote safe play of this sport as much as is feasible. We are providing these specific designs to enhance safety considerably beyond anything previously done with kylies, but even so, safety precautions should be strictly followed as with discs, or any thrown or flying object. Do not throw the Maverick or Mini-7 whenever risk of hitting a bystander is present. Eye or face injury is the biggest risk from any smaller, thin profile, flying object, such as discs or kylies, but other injuries could possibly also occur. We have learned since the launch of our business in 2017 that some of our customers have played Kylie Golf with our hunting sticks. This was not something we intended, but since the sport was already established and our sitcks were durable and high in quality, it happened anyway. Never use hunting sticks (any of our other products) on disc golf courses. The danger to bystanders is extreme with these larger and more powerful hunting tools. Hunting sticks are inherently dangerous, just like arrows, bullets and throwing knives. The safety of bystanders as well as the continued growth of these sports depends upon safe and responsible use of these ancient tools. We are providing the Maverick and The Mini-7 as the best options for safe play of Kylie Golf.


Hello Benjamin I really like my Mini-7, I like the way it "floats". Haven't got the Maverick yet, looking forward to it! Having fun with the Kimberly Stinger and Karli too... I will be placing another order with you soon. I just need to figure which Kylie to get next! Marc A. (Louisiana, USA) ______________________________________________________

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