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The Central Desert Hunter

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Choose your selections above. The product image will change if a picture is available to give you an example of similar work in the same dot art pattern, color(s), etc.... Your order will be filled based on your selections and not necessarily the associated picture.

Primary dot art colors are placed on the outside of patterns. Secondary are placed on the inside of patterns.

Every throwstick, including its art, texture, and finish, is a unique, hand tuned, high quality creation. Precise color shades may vary. The base material is opaque black polycarbonate, underneath all finishes. Abrasive wear from use in the field will result in graceful darkened aging on natural and historical looking colors. High contrast black and white are provided because they are easiest to locate in the field, and have historical precedence. As the white ages it looks rustic, but our most popular and favorite base color choice is faux desert hardwood.

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