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Influencer Hero Program


An ancient proverb says, "Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will stand before kings; He will not stand before obscure men."   Here at we have found this to still be the case in our modern age.  Skillful men still partner together to ply their compatible trades and increase their mastery. 


We'd like to acknowledge publicly that the patronage of skilled legends in their crafts such as Gary "The Boomerang Man" Broadbent, Adam Celadin, Matt Graham, Donny Dust, as well as many others, have helped to bring to the prominence and success it now enjoys.  


We want to extend an invitation to others of skill to partner with us as well.  Do you have a substantial following on social media or a public platform which is of a similar and compatible interest to and our mission?  See our Company Message.  If you resonate with our vision then please Contact Us to inquire about our Influencer Hero Program.     

We may be interested in partnering with you to further our mutual interests.  Throwing a giant flying stick 100 yards straight out and exploding a target at that range is a super hero type skill and can bring an influencer into prominence in an unimaginable way! specializes in producing products capable of this very feat, with the goal to introduce these incredible ancient flying missiles to a new age of throwers.  It's a win-win partnership opportunity.  To quote Indiana Jones, "Fortune and glory, kid.  Fortune and glory." 


How far can you fly with throwsticks?  Check out the specifics at the Influencer Hero Agreement Page and Contact Us


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