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Influencer Hero Program Agreement

Influencer Hero Program acceptance is rare to obtain for applicants and issued at sole discretion of Benjamin Scott/ based on changing business needs and market pressures over time as the program expands and contracts in response.  Our production capacity of our products is inherently limited by the uniquely skilled labor/intensive nature of their production, and we must put the needs of the business first in order to grow and maintain business at consistent, appropriate and sustainable levels.  Our capacity to sell products at discount is limited if it increases demand excessively, as well, and so we may reject a request or allow an ongoing relationship to expire because of many reasons which do not relate whatsoever to the specific influencer requesting from us.  We must maintain the balance of an entire business.  Please be understanding of this reality.  We get many requests because most people these days have some influence, but we cannot grant discounts to most applicants.     


The rules for those who qualify for the Influencer Hero Program are as follows.  


  1. Entry into this program is obtained by mutual agreement of both parties and the issuance of discount codes which offer the obtaining of products at reduced costs in exchange for attempted effective promotions which both parties agree upon.  

  2. In entering this relationship the influencer is giving their word to utilize the products purchased to do social media or other agreed upon promotions within the following three months from date of purchase.

  3. The influencer may not purchase sticks utilizing discount codes for purposes of resale.  

  4. The influencer ensures they will continue to utilize ongoing purchases which specifically utilize codes for continued promotions.

  5. The influencer promises to not give out their discount codes to others for use by others, as those sales will be rejected. is sole issuer of the codes.  Discount codes use is tracked on our webstore and codes will be updated if they become compromised through use by parties they are not issued to, thus excluding the original influencer associated with that code from further use.    

  6. Influencers will clearly disclose in their promotions that they receive our products at a discount in exchange for promotions. The FTC published a guideline called “Disclosures 101 for Social Media Influencers.”  Please review this guide and follow it.  

  7. Influencers will keep the financial details of their relationship with professional and private, offering transparent disclosure to the public that it exists, but no specific details given about the financial relationship, such as discount percentage rates, product purchase limits or expiration dates.  

  8. The specific current offer made to an individual influencer may vary from that of another influencer due to numerous and diverse factors.  Keep the specific relationship confidential also from other influencers and realize that it may be renewed, upgraded, changed or ended as codes will be set to expire at a stated time at commencement of relationship, or new codes issued in the future in exchange for other specific promos and achievements.

  9. Failure to comply with the above may result in revocation of discounts and relationship.

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