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"The Hunting Boomerang?"

Queensland Pinched Tip Kylie

The Australian Aboriginal peoples are famous for their long range hovering missiles which they used for hunting and survival, as well as for recreational sport. They were able to use large hand thrown flying sticks to hunt emu, kangaroo and other animals at ranges out to 60-80 meters / 65-87 yards and even beyond! They called their long range hovering missiles by various names in various regions, but most famously the Australian throwstick is known by the name "kylie."

The unique thing about the kylie is its straight and level flight path to the target which eliminates the hunter's need to calculate hold over as he would have to do with a bow. A large kylie is able to deliver a devastating impact to a target and has proven to be an effective hunting weapon throughout history, used on at least 5 continents in various forms for hunting animals as large as deer. Kylies were used throughout almost all of Australia

By contrast with the kylie, the boomerang was mainly used for recreation by the Aborigines, and it was only found in a few regions of the continent. They were frequently made from light weight woods such as mangrove, and being small and light, they were safe to catch again after their curved flights.

Yet some boomerangs were actually used for hunting, but not in the way that kylies were. In some regions, large and beautiful hardwood boomerangs were thrown into the sky in long curved flight paths where they were used as decoys to imitate birds of prey hovering in the sky. When used this way, the Aborigines could keep waterfowl and other birds grounded, due to their fear of the boomerangs they saw flying above them. In this grounded position they could more easily be captured or hunted by many other means. Boomerangs, with their curved flight paths were not designed to strike targets, but only to fly and return conveniently for another throw. A single boomerang thrower could repeatedly launch his boomerang over a body of water and have it return safely to his side after each throw, ready to be thrown again. As he launched the decoy, other hunters could do the real work of hunting on the ground with throwsticks, spears or nets.

Many have incorrectly called the kylie a "straight flying boomerang" or "non returning boomerang." This is not accurate terminology because the boomerang is actually the progeny of the kylie, not the other way around. The term "boomerang" originally meant to the Aborigines, "I don't know what you're saying." Unfortunately this is apparently still true today. Yet despite these misunderstandings, the word "boomerang" is also ironically one of a few universal words common to all human languages. "Kangaroo, taxi, etc...," are just a handful of others. By contrast with this, very few people know what a kylie is, other than that it's a girl's name. With over 200 Aboriginal dialects, the confusion can become worse. A boomerang that doesn't come back is a defective boomerang..., but the kylie is the straight flying primal hunting tool which dates back to ancient civilizations on 5 continents. It's something that most people have little concept of, but it's something that we specialize in.

Primitive Throwstick Hunting

Unlike all other projectile hunting tools and hand thrown objects, a properly made throwstick or kylie actually flies on a straight and level flight path directly towards its target at ranges out to 80 meters and even much more. A boomerang can be purchased just about anywhere if you want to play catch without a partner, but a truly well made kylie is a rare weapon fit for a true survivalist. If this is the legendary hunting tool you have been looking for, then you've come to the right place! Throwsticks.com is the first and only web based business in the world exclusively dedicated to manufacturing and selling quality kylies made from tough modern materials. Our throwsticks achieve extreme straight/level flight ranges just like their ancient predecessors.

The following video featuring extreme range flights is best viewed in high definition and full screen....

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