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Survival Kit

  What Are Outdoor Essentials for a Survival Kit

Out in the wilderness, there is one thing a person should never leave at home, their survival kit. Every survival kit should have all of the outdoor essentials needed to stay alive if caught in a bind. The thought of having a survival kit should not only entail for the wilderness but in any situation. When planning a trip, the mentality should always be that anything can happen, and one must prepare. Survival kits have saved many lives when a person finds themselves stranded and alone. To have the kit is not enough. One must yearly keep up with the items inside to make sure everything is up to standard should the kit be needed. Placing one of our throw sticks in the kit would be a good idea for food. Food, water, shelter, and fire are the main things a person needs to survive, and with the boomerang, a person will prepare themselves for the hunt.

The main outdoor essentials needed inside the kit are chlorine tablets for water, and matches or a lighter for lighting a fire. Lighters or striking stones are better because matches can get wet. Once they are wet, they are no good when needed. Precautions should happen when lighting a fire. First off, one should build stones or a dirt mound around the base of the fire so it will not spread. A fire went almost as far back as the boomerang and used to boil water, cook food, and keep warm. Other outdoor essentials are tents or other forms of shelter. Extra sets of clothes and a coat or blanket to stay warm is a good idea. First aid kits are a must-have in all cases. Everyone should stay on top of the contents inside because accidents and open wounds can be around any corner of our lives.

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