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The Throwstick Sling

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Product Details
  • The Throwstick Sling is compatible with all models with the exception of the Sidewinder Scout.
  • It is constructed with 10' of type IV 750 Paracord. With 750 pounds tensile strength, it's 36% stronger than standard 550 paracord and features 11 inner strands.
  • Constructed using an elegant and minimalist combination of alpine butterfly knots and a secret plait.
  • We will adjust the sling to fit the model of stick you specify.
  • Available in desert tan, black, coyote tan and Olive Drab, choose one color for each model you carry to distinguish.
  • Light weight and quickly deployed.
  • Fully adjustable to fit any size frame. Simply pull the knotted end and then hitch to retain if desired.
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