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Handcrafted Hunting Tools

  Enjoy Our Handcrafted Hunting Tools Like Our Homemade Boomerang

Our customers find that our handcrafted hunting tools are unique and effective. We only specialize in the homemade boomerang, which is used for target practice and hunting. This boomerang is not a child's toy but one of our finely handcrafted hunting tools that shows off its design and accuracy. These are not boomerangs you want flying back at you. Everyone needs to be aware of the danger. The handcrafted boomerang defies gravity with its lightweight and has a cut through the wind type of wood. We use the best products to handcraft each throw stick to specifications. Each one has its own signature shape and style. It is up to the thrower which one suits them best. People who are familiar with our throw sticks find it begins with a good firm grip. Since everyone's hands differ in size, the best way is to get a grip and determine which method works best for throwing.

If using the right kind of wood, a homemade boomerang is easy to make. The only difference is ours is scientifically tested and can throw further with more accuracy. We have tweaked everything to perfection. The Australian Aboriginal people use the homemade boomerang mostly for survival. In Australia, they hunt kangaroo, emu, and other animals they can hit within an 87-yard range. They usually call the homemade boomerang a long-range hovering missile but are called different names. Since they are dangerous and designed explicitly with hunting in mind, they are also called "killing sticks." Some hunters use boomerangs for hunting birds. Since the boomerang is quiet, it allows the birds to stay on the ground while hunters use their guns. They simply throw the boomerang to distract the birds and turn their attention elsewhere; then, they go in for the kill.

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