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Boomerangs Bullwhips & Beyond!

Book Benjamin Scott of Boomerangs Bullwhips & Beyond for your school or event and be prepared for high soaring adventures and education to all be spun into one spectacular, unforgettable event! 

With the mastery and agility of a lion tamer and the heart of a teacher, Benjamin Scott, founder of has been publicly performing with the bullwhips and boomerangs he makes himself since the mid 1990's, using them to spark an interest in deep observational learning and wonderment among his audiences


He specializes in grade school performances in the SanJoquin Valley as his most enthusiastic audience, but will do any event in CA and tailor to any specific audience if dates are available and transportation costs beyond a two hour drive from the Fresno area are covered.


A successful entrepreneur specializing for decades now in the design, manufacture and marketing of high performance bullwhips and boomerangs in the Australian bushcraft tradition, Ben has developed an expertise in the advanced physics and history surrounding his unique craft, which he shares in explanations which bring a wonderment to the audience.  Spun together with a persona that pops out of the pages of history, the whole show is larger than life.

Demonstrations include lightening fast whip cracking, huge boomerangs that fly long hovering flight paths across entire football fields and much more.  These demos straight out the history books bring rare and spectacular relics to life in a profound way for young eyes and ears.     

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