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Best Hunting Tools

  Hunting Sticks Can Be the Best Hunting Tools

Hunting sticks are mostly for survival when guns are not available. Some people rather use alternatives to guns when hunting because it makes it more of a sport. Primal hunting is still ongoing in five different continents, and the hunting stick is the first form of weapons ever used. In ancient Egypt, archaeologists found throw sticks inside King Tut's tomb. They used these weapons for hunting waterfowl. The preference for hunting sticks over guns may come as silent hunting. Unlike a bullet, which can only shoot one time, the throw stick is something used more than once. When thrown with force, the throw stick causes blunt force and can penetrate through flesh. Small animals will fall where hit, but larger animals will take more work to bring down. This is where the excitement of the hunt begins.

Back in ancient times and even to this day, the best hunting tools are simple. Simplicity is not always light. If it works to kill for food, then it is the best hunting tool, no matter how it looks or what it is. This is how most people think, and when someone is hungry, nothing else matters but bringing down the game. What makes it so great is it brings the people of today back to the way things used to be centuries ago. Today we have the science to make things better. The human brain is more complex, and since we have thumbs, we can throw things. With these two human aspects, we have derived a long way from the caveman era. It is a form of sport and a form of survival that separates us from the animals. This boomerang is almost as fascinating as the discovery of fire. It is also fun to throw.

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