THE WIRLKI (Hunter's Orange w/ Dot Art)


The Wirlki is a very stable, and beautiful mid-sized throwstick with a penetrating nose forward flight, ideal for short to mid range hunting to about 70 meters / 76 yards. Designed after the "wirlki" or "jawbone" of the Warlpiri people and other surrounding tribes in the N. Territory of Australia, it is also known as the "swan neck kylie" or the "figure 7 kylie". This stick was originally intended for Emu hunting, as its beautiful and exotic shape allows imitation of the animal and a closer range stalk. It also has a reptuation as an aerial hunter against flocks on the wing.

Primary Dot Art Color
Secondary Dot Art Color


  • Hand crafted from tough black polycarbonate
  • Approx. 640mm/25.2" x 360g/12.7oz
  • Potential small game hunting range out to approx. 70 meters for skilled throwers
  • Total range is approx. 75-95 meters / 82-103 yards (individual results may vary) 
  • Fluted airfoil
  • Hook on the back is a useful bush tool
  • Extra stable and forgiving platform
  • Head weighted balance and extra stability feels great for short range accuracy
  • Mid sized half fluted grip for a snappy, fast, accurate release
  • Hook provides enhanced weapon's trapping use
  • Standard model is right handed (see our Whale's Tail Kylie for left handed throwers)

"...they shall mount up on wings like eagles. They shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not grow tired..."

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