Many historic kylies from N.W. New South Wales and S. Queensland featured long winding stories carved in the form of pathways into their upper surfaces. These ancient kylies are highly prized among collectors for their unique beauty and inscrutible messages. Our version contains not just a "whale of a tale" in its carvings, but also the tail of a whale! Look very closely and you will see it....

  • Hand crafted from tough polycarbonate
  • Approx. 680mm/26.75" x 370g/13oz
  • Potential hunting range is approx. 65 meters for skilled throwers.
  • Total range is approx. 70-90 meters / 76-98 yards (individual results may vary)
  • Stable, forgiving platform
  • Mid sized tapered grip for fast, snappy release
  • Pinched tips offer comfortable grips with historic, semi-pointed ends
  • Beautiful incised upper surfaces in our own take on an ancient style
  • Symmetrical airfoil feels light in hand for the amount of weight being thrown
  • Available right or left handed

"...they shall mount up on wings like eagles. They shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not grow tired..."

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