Hunting Boomerang

  The Fascination of the Hunting Boomerang

When people think about hunting, they usually think of guns or knives. The hunting boomerang is a popular growing item that takes skill to use and used worldwide. Throwsticks, established in 2017, has all our throw sticks handcrafted in America and is a family-owned and operated business for hunters. The hunting boomerang is also known as the kylie. Science has enhanced this hunting item to what it is today. It has been around since ancient times and used to hunt small to mid-sized animals for food. Many would think of this hunting tool as a caveman or Native American weapon of choice. The throw stick was improvised to go long distances and follow a straight path for an accurate target. It depends on the strength of the person how far the hunting boomerang can go, but some records show its accuracy for up to 87 yards. Some have thrown it further.

We have different tools used for hunting. These are our most popular items. We have the Sidewinder Scout, which looks like a snake with its curvy shape. The Kimberley Stinger, which is a more traditional style boomerang with pointed ends. There is the Central Desert Hunter, which has one side longer than the other. This boomerang is capable of traveling further when thrown due to its odd shape. The Wirlki resembles a hatchet but thrown like any other boomerang. Next, we have The Whale's Tail Kylie. This boomerang has carvings on it that resemble a whale's tail and is the same color as a blue whale. The Hopi Rabbit Stick is closer to The Central Desert Hunter with one side longer than the other. The only difference is it does not travel as far. Last we have the Karli, which also resembles The Central Desert Hunter. It can go further than the Hopi Rabbit Stick, but not as far as The Central Desert Hunter.


"...they shall mount up on wings like eagles. They shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not grow tired..."

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