The Hopi Rabbit Stick

Inspired by the throwsticks used by the Hopi Indians of Arizona and California, and accessible for a wide range of throwers and budgets, the Hopi Rabbit Stick is a practical choice and a great value.
  • Hand crafted from tough black polycarbonate

  • Approx. 647mm/25.5" x 340g/12.0oz

  • Potential rabbit hunting range out to approx. 60 meters for skilled throwers

  • Total range of approx. 65-90 meters / 70-98 yards (individual results may vary)

  • Grip sized smaller to accomodate a variety of throwers. Features a fast, snappy release.

  • Ideal for short to mid range small game survival hunting

  • Standard model is right handed (see our Whale's Tail Kylie for left handed throwers)


Inspired by a unique 1870's Hopi rabbit stick in the Gary Broadbent collection which featured an interesting flat/angular airfoil. Gary generously gave me the privilege to handle, study and trace this rare and beautiful throwstick. I worked with the original design at first, but eventually decided to make a few changes including adding elements I had found in other historic American throwsticks. The final result is a beautiful chisel pointed Hopi style throwstick that has nice straight flights out to 65 meters / 70 yards and sometimes much more.

This design requires a good spin for best results, but due to it's lighter weight and good balance, this is easy to achieve. It is best for targets or hunts at 60 meters range or less. Although it has a definite performance edge on the Kimberley Stinger, it should not be considered a long ranged hunting stick, despite it's capacity for up to about 90 meters total distance. It doesn't retain enough energy that far into the field to be very threatening to game at full range. At short to mid ranges it is a lot of fun and performs very well in hunts.

A great choice for the beginning thrower, the short ranged hunter, or the budget minded survivalist.



Our Hopi Rabbit Sticks are carved and crafted from high impact black polycarbonate, an extremely tough material which is black/dark grey in color. Throwsticks take a lot of abuse. Paint may slowly fade off around the edges, particularly on the ends, from repeated abrasive contact with soil or rocks. Paint wear around the edges where the throwstick is gripped by the hand may also occur, so for a smoother, more precise release, we ship our throwsticks with the paint on the handle edges lightly sanded off. Both jet black and particularly faux desert hardwood paint age gracefully on the black polycarbonate base. Faux hardwood darkens with age around the edges and wear areas, and looks more and more rustic in time. Black is always black and only dulls with age. By contrast, bright or high contrast colors help to prevent a throwstick from being lost at extreme distances, but they show abrasive wear much more quickly than the more subdued colors. The best option to preserve both beauty and obtain a bright colored stick which is not easily lost, is to order the Hopi Inspired Black Accents in a bright color coice. The black ends will wear gracefully and the bright middle will make the stick stand out in the field.

All throwsticks are hand painted and carved as pieces of art and thus variations, imperfections and artistic expressions will sometimes occur. Consider your throwstick's paint job to be unique, as each one is done by hand.

The Hopi Rabbit Stick

"As a lifelong primitive technologist, I was aware of the place of the throwing stick in history. Working in Museum Anthropology for the last 25 years allowed me to see original artifacts from around the world including ethnographic throwing sticks from the American Southwest and Australia. It wasn't until I discovered the work being done by, that this technology came alive! No longer a dusty old museum artifact behind closed doors, the throwing stick is now a magical work of art and science. Finally, this technology is getting the spotlight and recognition it deserves for its important role in human history. Now all people have access to this part of our shared heritage. Thanks, for bringing this skill back into the light!" 

- Michael Frank, Founder @ Occoquan Paleotechnics LLC  (Virginia, USA)


"...they shall mount up on wings like eagles. They shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not grow tired..."

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