The Wedge War Club
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Approx. 75 yard range


The Wedge War Club


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The Wedge War Club
Starting At $94.99

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  • Hand crafted from tough, black polycarbonate
  • Based on ancient, highly refined flying war club designs known as "Lil Lil"
  • Designed in collaboration with Matt Graham
  • Approx. 583mm/23" x 350g/12.4oz
  • Potential hunting/level flight range is approx. 50 meters for skilled throwers.
  • Total flight range is approx. 65-85 meters / 76-98 yards (individual results may vary)
  • Low lift airfoil Ideal for aggressive/strong throwers.
  • Weighted head design tends to improve "feel" and thrower accuracy.
  • Tapered head and ergonomic shape delivers strikes from multiple angles
  • Ancient hand to hand fighting weapon design
  • Mid sized tapered and curved grip for fast, snappy release
  • Pointed tips for extra penetration into targets and for use as a digging tool
  • Beautiful incised upper surfaces in two patterns available.
  • Turbulated surface & stout design make for excellent energy retention & impact
  • Individualized Initial carving available on premium incised pattern.
  • Beautiful finish feels and looks fantastic, aging gracefully with use.
  • Available right and left handed!!


Designed in collaboration with Matt Graham and based in "Lil Lil" war club patterns refined over thousands of years in the East of Australia, The Wedge War Club is a durable and powerful multi-tool for the modern warrior, forager and hunter. It's fast, efficient, stout and delivers a heavy blow, offering amazing multi-tool versatility in a single package. Useful against zombies as well as conies! For the tribal styled martial artist, the tough polycarbonate construction stands up to extreme use, with the swelled angular head providing tactical impact points at both inward and outward angles, as well as along the spine, for an effective back hand. These angles are useful in trapping, disarms, and extra heavy impacts on the outer edge, which reduces jarring into the hand when striking hard objects. The chisel pointed ends are useful for fast straight punches and stabs for inside fighting, and the flaired head provides a safe area to hold with the off hand durying parries against other impact or blade weapons. The swelled shape allows for easy and secure carry in a belt, belt loop, or with our throwstick holster for the fastest and most secure carry and deployment. This ancient weapon is uniquely versatile and powerful. The paddle head, and pointed ends make this design an effective foraging and digging tool, as well as a potential aid in navigating hilly country or clearing a trail through brittle wood. This is not a professional climbing tool and should not be relied upon for safety. For hunting/throwing, this design generally stays within an 85 meter radius or less, and so it is ideal in more enclosed environments and mid sized game. Hunting ranges to 50 meters are possible and the Wedge generally flies very flat and efficient to this range if thrown at full force with good alignment. This is a low lift design with a nose down tendency (nose heavy) and thus requires a hard throw to fly the distance. It rewards aggressive throwers, excels at penetrating into brush more than other models, and it delivers a very heavy blow to any target. Beyond 50 meters it generally starts to drop below target, since it is not a long ranged hunter. For long ranged hunting we recommend several of our other hunting sticks such as the Karli, which will carry flat flights to double the range of the Wedge or more, and are more tolerant of lower throwing velocities. If you're in a tighter environment and like throwing hard, this model is most excellent. This is a beautiful, historically inspired war club that is not only fully functional for use in the field, but looks exotic and amazing when mounted on the wall. The buffed finish on dark faux hardwood feels and looks like a fine piece of genuine old world craftsmanship and ages gracefully. If you are giving this as a gift or would just like to personalize it for yourself, we'd be very pleased to carve your initials into the upper surface of the premium model. This is the only model we are offering this service on and it looks spectacular when finished!

About Matt Graham

Matt Graham is an internationally renowned survival adventurer and primitive living skills teacher, as well as the co-host of Dual Survival on the Discovery Channel. Matt is known as the top primitive hunter in the world, specializing in the atlatl and boomerang. He has collaborated with on several projects and his guidance and experience, as well as deep sense of aesthetics have resulted in amazing products like the one featured here.

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