The Wirlki Model v. 1.1

This is a very stable, and beautiful mid-sized throwstick with a penetrating nose forward flight, ideal for short to mid range hunting to about 60 meters / 65 yards. Designed after the "wirlki" or "jawbone" of the Warlpiri people and other surrounding tribes in the N. Territory of Australia, it is also known as the "swan neck kylie" or the "figure 7 kylie". This stick was originally intended for Emu hunting, as its beautiful and exotic shape allows imitation of the animal and a closer range stalk. It also has a reptuation as an aerial hunter against flocks on the wing.

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  • Hand crafted from tough polycarbonate
  • Approx. 640mm/25.2" x 345g/12.2oz
  • Potential small game hunting range out to approx. 60 meters for skilled throwers
  • Total range is approx. 65-85 meters / 71-93 yards (individual results may vary)
  • Fluted airfoil
  • Hook on the back is a useful bush tool
  • Extra stable and forgiving platform
  • Head weighted balance and extra stability feels great for short range accuracy
  • Mid sized grip for a snappy, fast, accurate release
  • Self limited flight ranges beyond about 80 meters prevent loss in difficult terrain and aerial hunting
  • Hook provides enhanced weapon's trapping use
  • Standard model is right handed (see our Whale's Tail Kylie for left handed throwers)


The wirlki is a unique throwstick, prized by collectors for its exotic beauty. The hook on the back known by the Warlpiri as "langa" or "ear," provides an excellent weapon when made from a tough material such as polycarbonate, as we are using. It's a powerful choice as a close quarters fighting weapon, with trapping characteristics similar to a tomahawk.

It's tuning is different from the Central Desert style, and its feel in hand and flight behavior are unique. An excellent choice as a range limited survival weapon for ranges 60 meters / 65 yards and less, where its self limiting flights can prevent loss in the distance. For targets out to 60 meters is a very good choice where its flat, nose forward and down flights and heavy head deliver deep penetrating blows. This one is expensive to produce and our prices reflect that cost, but for the right application this is a beautiful and awesome choice.

Paint Info

Color Options

Utilize the picture on the left to choose your paint pattern, then choose a base color and a dot color to create variations. Even though not pictured, we can make the Wirlki with any of the patterns shown.

Our dot art is often inspired by indigenous designs, but should not be considered authentic. All throwsticks are hand painted as pieces of art and thus variations, imperfections and artistic expressions will sometimes occur. Consider your throwstick's paint job to be unique, as each one is done by hand.

Bright or high contrast base colors help to prevent a throwstick from being lost at extreme distances, but they show wear and scratches much more quickly than the more subdued colors.

Our painted throwsticks are made from high impact polycarbonate, an extremely tough but translucent material. Light color choices such as orange may show a faint glow through them if held up to a bright light source. Throwsticks take a lot of abuse and paint may slowly fade off around the edges from repeated abrasive contact with soil or rocks. Paint wear around the edges where the throwstick is gripped by the hand may also occur, so for a smoother, more precise release, we ship our throwsticks with the paint on the handle edges lightly sanded off.


Hi Throwsticks Crew,

Thanks for checking in:

I have now purchased 2X hunting Boomerangs, one directly from you and one from Survival Supplies Australia (An Australian distributor of our products)- (Who I must give a shout out to as the best online retailer I have ever purchased from and Dennis always provides excellent customer service and support and has an amazing website- a great choice if you want an Au distributer etc.)

Living in Australia it was an unusual choice to purchase an ancient Australian artefact based product, made in the US. But the promoted quality, performance, consistency, reliability and pricing was very appealing and I thought worth the investment/ risk.

I have not been disappointed and quickly purchased a second Boomerang and am very impressed in all areas, especially the performance, accuracy, feel and look- must people think it is hardwood and not polycarb. I dedicate a lot of time to Bushcraft and outdoor living/ hunting skills and have enthusiastically added your hunting Boomerangs to my practice and survival skills kit and are a lot of fun.

I now have the Long Hunter and the Wirlki and look forward to throwing others in the future

Many thanks and keep up the great work

New South Wales, Australia

I recently purchased every item on the product range and couldn't be any happier. Ben and Carol were both a pleasure to deal and made everything very easy for the delivery of my order to Australia. The products themselves are exceptional in quality and craftsmanship and very professionally made. They all perform exactly as they were intended and I have had many enjoyable hours of throwing with many more to come!

Malachi Conway
Queensland, Australia