The Central Desert Hunter v. 2.0

The Central Desert Hunter is our highest performing long ranged hunting model. Born of a study of historic artifacts from the Central Australian desert, we developed and continually refined this model through years of intensive field experimentation. Available in two sizes - 668mm/385g or 705mm/429g for stronger throwers.

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  • Hand crafted from tough polycarbonate
  • Regular: approx. 668mm/26.3" x 385g/13.6oz
  • Large: approx. 705mm/27.75" x 429g/15.1oz
  • Potential mob hunting range out to approx. 105 meters for skilled throwers
  • Total range approx. 110-135 meters / 120-147 yards (individual results may vary)
  • Our Company record throw of 147.5 meters achieved with standard 668mm version
  • Extra stable/forgiving/stout platform
  • Fluted, extra streamlined airfoil with finer edges for efficient long range energy retention and deeper target penetration
  • Large sized grip for easier alignment and control.
  • Designed for strong and athletic throwers
  • Enhanced tolerance of variant wind conditions
  • Standard model is right handed (see our Whale's Tail Kylie for left handed throwers)


A highly refined and precisely balanced throwstick which boasts of excellent flight stability and as near an ideal balance of both power and speed as we can muster for the stronger, athletic thrower. It is a piece of history which has proven itself a capable hunting tool for generations.

The stout, streamlined design and finer edges deliver maximal overall energy transfer across the entire stick for a heavy penetrating blow at long ranges. The larger fluted grip size assists with precise stick alignment in throwing. Very long ranged straight flights in either size throwstick are available if you have a good enough arm. Designed for the survivalist hunter who may target mobs of animals at extreme rangs, or anyone else that just wants a powerful long ranged kylie. Be careful to not lose this one in the distance. It doesn't ever seem to stop! To the thrower it looks like a flying insect buzzing in the distance when it's still defying gravity 120+ meters out....

Paint Info

Color Options

Utilize the picture on the left to choose your paint pattern, then choose a base color and a dot color to create variations.

Our dot art is often inspired by indigenous designs, but should not be considered authentic. All throwsticks are hand painted as pieces of art and thus variations, imperfections and artistic expressions will sometimes occur. Consider your throwstick's paint job to be unique, as each one is done by hand.

Bright or high contrast base colors help to prevent a throwstick from being lost at extreme distances, but they show wear and scratches much more quickly than the more subdued colors.

Our painted throwsticks are made from high impact polycarbonate, an extremely tough but translucent material. Light color choices such as orange may show a faint glow through them if held up to a bright light source. Throwsticks take a lot of abuse and paint may slowly fade off around the edges from repeated abrasive contact with soil or rocks. Paint wear around the edges where the throwstick is gripped by the hand may also occur, so for a smoother, more precise release, we ship our throwsticks with the paint on the handle edges lightly sanded off.


Hello throwsticks team. I received my cd Hunter (705mm) a couple of weeks ago and am delighted with it. I intend to purchase the Kylie model in the near future as I think the lighter throw stick will suit me better. I'm a short man and light framed and I keep pulling a muscle to the left side of my stomach when throwing. I still manage to throw over 100 yards regularly and threw 115 yesterday. I hope to receive a mulga wood hunting Kylie from an aboriginal friend in Queensland Australia soon too (it is called wangan in his tribe). Anyways, I hope you continue to do well in your business and that other people get as much enjoyment from your product as I do.

Thank you. Kind regards.

Ian D., United Kingdom

Wow! So I wanted to give you my first impressions. I just got the CDH in the mail today and I took it to a park to toss it around, nothing too serious as I'm just getting used to it. I'm really impressed with the design and I didn't expect it to make a cool noise too, ha ha! How do you make the groves in it? Is that what makes the noise? I was also surprised at how big it is, and the density. It could really do some damage if it hit a person or animal.

Craig H., Washington, USA

I recently purchased every item on the product range and couldn't be any happier. Ben and Carol were both a pleasure to deal and made everything very easy for the delivery of my order to Australia. The products themselves are exceptional in quality and craftsmanship and very professionally made. They all perform exactly as they were intended and I have had many enjoyable hours of throwing with many more to come!

Malachi Conway
Queensland, Australia

Bought one of the central hunters a couple days ago, and so far, ive been so happy with it i had to justify ordering another XD hopefully one day ill own the whole collection! thanks a lot for keeping this art flying ben, youve made a childhood dream of mine (owning one (or 10)) come true!

Zeththin D. Wisconsin, USA