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What Is A Throwstick?

The throwstick is the weaponized father of the boomerang. Unlike the curved flight path of the boomerang, a throwstick delivers straight, level, hovering flights to extreme ranges where it delivers a tremendous blunt force impact to a target. As the primal hunting/survival/multi-tool dating back from ancient civilizations on at least five continents, the throwstick is mankind's first true flying wing.

Throwsticks were used to hunt waterfowl in ancient Egypt where they were later discovered by archaeologists in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. They were used effectively by the American Indians to hunt rabbit, coyote, and occasionally even deer. In the continent of Australia they were refined to the pinnacle of advanced hand thrown flight technology by the Aborigines, who used throwsticks to hunt emu and kangaroo at ranges out to 80 meters / 87 yards and even well beyond. Straight flights to 150 meters or more are possible. The Aborigines called their long range hovering missiles by various names in various regions, but most famously the Australian throwstick is called by the name "kylie."

Level Straight Flights

Unlike all other projectile hunting tools and hand thrown objects, a properly made throwstick or kylie actually flies on a straight and level flight path directly towards its target. This gravity defying characteristic means that the hunter does not have to worry about estimating hold over as he would with a bow and arrow. Rather, he just throws directly at his target whether it's 5 or 85 meters distance, as the trajectory to the target is the same either way. The throwstick is a true flying weapon.

The throwstick gives serious long range empowerment to the human arm. If the ability to throw is what separates man from the animals, the throwstick separates man from "super-man."

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Where Ancient Meets Modern

With many models to choose from, each one manufactured from the same material as is used to make bullet proof glass (polycarbonate), each of our throwsticks are tough and reliable. Whether your interest is in the beauty of human powered flight, the challenge of achieving accuracy at ultra-long range target practice, primitive survival and sustainability, or in just exploring and owning something powerful, primal and magical, a well made throwstick can offer years of enjoyment. Whether decorating a wall or the memories and imaginations of all who have seen it in action, the primitive beauty and gravity defying flights of the throwstick are something to witness first hand.

An Exceptional Quality Product

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Made in the USA in our family run shop from tough, modern materials, and featuring straight flight ranges out to 50-140 meters / 55-153 yards or more for practiced throwers; our throwsticks are the modern materials equivalents of their ancient Aboriginal predecessors. Order these rare and beautiful pieces of ancient technology today. Take a step back into the past. Rediscover primitive empowerment through the throwstick. Order Yours Today.


"...they shall mount up on wings like eagles. They shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not grow tired..."